BAND OF THE WEEK: Sweepyheads

At Postman Press, I have begun featuring a band of the week every Tuesday. This week, it’s Sweepyheads.

Sweepyheads (Photo Credit: Ashley Todd)

Last December, on my year-end list of the best local songs, I picked their single “I Am Not Me,” which is like “The Sweater Song” played by ‘The Bends’ Radiohead.

They have designed a series of broom-faced characters that appear throughout their album art, on stickers all over town, and on perhaps the best band tee in Cleveland. They are very memorable and instantly-recognizable icons, like Milo is for the Descendents.

Their live shows are wild displays of energy and disillusion.

Catch them this Saturday at Grog Shop:
Heavenly Creatures / Forager / Strobobean / Sweepyheads

Be sure to stare at the wicked poster for this show for at least 7 minutes. Big ups to Amy Shoff on this design.

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