Responding to Criticism


I received this message from the contact form on the site yesterday. I want to respond to clear some things up.

In my monthly newsletter, I always include a list of upcoming shows that I’m excited about. I use this to plug friends and talents that I am happy for.

That said, there are HUNDREDS of local shows in Cleveland every month. To build a ‘complete’ list would be impossible, and to fit it into my newsletter’s 9-inch column  height is pure fantasy. So of course, the list will never be complete.

I wish you had left me a functioning email address to respond to. With no way to respond, now I’m left to wonder, what am I missing? What great shows am I not attending, apparently out of pure ignorance? If you had given me a hint, I would have an idea of how to change.

I don’t wonder about it too long, though, because I know how much work it takes to build the list as I do now. It requires hours of scrolling the Facebook Event pages of local venues and bands. Then, I need to keep a spreadsheet organized to get the information right. Then comes formatting it to fit the newsletter, and publishing it.

Certainly, there are shows I exclude from the list every month. There are bands I don’t know, people I don’t get along with, and groups that I judge not to be the right fit for my crowd. I don’t ‘hate’ a lot of bands, but absolutely there are some that I don’t care about, and so why would I try to get my fans interested in a show that I’m not interested in?

I will gladly react to constructive criticism. I describe my ‘religion’ as the search for Quality. It is exceedingly difficult to judge my own content for it. If you are able to describe what you want me to change, then I can begin to consider it, and pursue higher Quality more accurately.

And finally, if there is something you want to see in the newsletter that I haven’t written about, I always encourage reader submissions. I have other writers who are working on their own features, and soon I won’t be the only one adding content to the Postman Press. To get involved, email your idea to with ‘SUBMISSION’ in the subject.

Either way, thank you for reading my newsletter, and I hope you’re enjoying the rest of my content. There is little I’m more proud of.

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