Post Saga: One Of The Best New Bands In Town

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If you’ve asked me about local music recently, chances are very high that I’ve mentioned Post Saga. I’m so freaking excited about this band. They put on an incredible show, packed with both talent and energy. Funk and feels are both prevalent in this rare thrill. Every member brings something special to the table.

Post Saga is fronted by the incomparable Miss Danna O’Connor. In a world of boring, stiff dedicated-singers, Danna O’Connor stands out with her unbridled sass and movement. Her singing is impressive, plus she dances so serenely that sometimes I wish she wasn’t a lesbian. Bully for me. Last time I saw them at CODA in Tremont, she climbed on the pole in the middle of the stage, an invigorating image of freedom and sexuality. Did I mention that she’s intelligent as all get-out and writes really thoughtful and catchy lyrics? Her self-awareness and openness make her probably the best frontwoman in town.

Where many bands are satisfied just to have two guitarists to fill the frequencies, Post Saga’s guitarists are much more interesting than that. In the left corner, we have Luke Mason, whose sexy long hair sways as he switches over to his saxophone. The timbre plays perfectly with Danna’s smoky vocals. And on the right, Steven Carey mostly plays his keyboards, but when he switches to his Ibanez, he blows me away with his mastery of working up and down the neck. ‘2-dimensional’ is not in this man’s vocabulary.

What would funk be without rhythm? Levan Mdzinarishvili (say that ten times fast) brings ‘intergalactic funk’ to the table (so says their Facebook ‘About’ section) and has a hell of a lot of fun doing so. Drummer Alex Carlson ties everything together by never missing a beat. Make sure you take a moment to watch him go.

Post Saga refuses to be a ‘regular’ band not because of any desire to be different or unique, but rather because of personal desires to be themselves. When I watch this band in action, I can sense that every member is there because they honestly want to be, with these people, instilling their own character into the amalgam that is Post Saga. They are often funky, but they are much more than your typical run-of-the-mill local funk band. A quintet with awareness, a step ahead of the times, with supreme breakout potential.

Post Saga will be releasing their very first EP on Saturday, March 30th, at the Beachland Tavern in Cleveland. Click here to view their Facebook event.

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